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Enabling customers in every step to true Digital & Cloud Transformation, is what COERA and QforIT do best. Today they announce their new joint venture GLUE-ID B.V.

Leveraging their respective industry experience to create a full service offering in Enterprise Cloud Application & Integration, with truly innovative cloud services and solutions.

Integration makes all the difference in multi cloud

Nowadays, Digital & Cloud Transformation is crucial in gaining competitive advantage. It can, however, be challenging, often leading to a patchwork of platforms and silos, creating a scattered IT landscape with no clearly defined architecture. This will lead to a lot of overhead, security issues, and unnecessary work, while leaving the power of data untapped.

To break down these silos and to ensure the most streamlined experience for their customers, GLUE-ID combines decades of expertise and experience in Application, Integration and Identity & Access Management. This expertise allows them to provide the glue that connects and integrates multi cloud architectures.

GLUE-ID smartly connects people, processes, things and data throughout every part of the enterprise designing, creating and operating cloud integrated solutions. With a strong portfolio focusing on SAP, Mendix and ForgeRock as well as custom built applications, GLUE-ID enables secure, future-proof and stable operations, allowing customers to focus on what is important: unleashing their business value and innovation.

Read all about it on glue-id.com