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For a series of webinars about the SAP S/4HANA Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) solution, our very own Martin Jaspers was asked to explain how QforIT and DigitalRoute implemented Convergent Mediation for a postal company.

You can listen to the webinar on SAP PartnerEdge via the link below.


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By partnering with Mendix, Q for IT is now a recognized MX Solution Provider. QforIT masters the Enterprise Application Development & Integration domain and has extensive experience with cloud application development and related cloud integrations.

QforIT’s trademark lies in the Enterprise Application Development and Enterprise Application Integration domains through implementation of solid, easily maintainable and easily extensible interfaces with top quality frontend solutions.Our dedicated team of experts is specialized in integrating Processes, People, Things and Data for the Intelligent Enterprise.

From this perspective QforIT primarily focusses on the following solutions within the Mendix and SAP domain:

• SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix
-•SAP Mendix for HANA

Visit the Mendix Solution Provider Partner page here: https://www.mendix.com/solution-providers/

QforIT, we solve. Dat bewijzen we in onze dagelijkse bedrijfsvoering op verschillende manieren. Nu we met zijn allen vaker vanuit huis werken, blijven we op zoek gaan naar manieren om ons werk gemakkelijker te maken.

Eén van de beste voorbeelden van deze oplossingen is ons Q-CPI Monitoring Dashboard. Deze tool, gebouwd in Mendix en gedeployed op het SAP Cloud Platform, presenteert gestructureerde data van verschillende SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenants.

Dit helpt ons om een efficiënte dienstverlening te kunnen blijven bieden aan onze klanten, in tijden waarin het belangrijk is onze economie en samenleving draaiend te houden.

Today, COERA and QforIT announced they will team up as Glue – turn on innovation and stick very closely together in positioning a full service offering in cloud integration as they see it core for IT landscapes. We fully believe that the value of cloud comes from a holistic approach to digital transformation and from that perspective the ‘ability to integrate’ is of the utmost importance.  

Or as analysts state: ‘Gaining competitive advantage with a cloud strategy depends on how well you can integrate’. 

Through the partnership both companies combine their expertise on integrating data, identities and applications in hybrid cloud environments using enterprise backbone technologies for API management, Messaging and Identity and Access Management. We design, create and operate cloud integration solutions, smartly connecting applications throughout every part of the enterprise using low-code solutions like Mendix and SAP Fiori. 

We are the Enterprise Application & Integration solvers building (low) code, high-value solutions assisting our European customers in their digital transformation journey.  

QforIT, Peter Dau, Francois Laan

Both of our companies already have multiple years experience in building and integrating cloud solutions. By joining forces we structurally cover the underlying glue of multi-cloud architectures.  

COERA, Anca Borodi, Theo Punter

About QforIT 

QforIT is a best-in-class recognized Enterprise Application & Integration Expertise Partner for SAP. Our services and solutions enable Digital Transformation & Business Innovation by applying Enterprise Application & Integration technologies. At QforIT we master the Enterprise Application & Integration domain and have a lot of experience with cloud application development and all related cloud integrations. Our dedicated team of experts is specialized in integrating Processes, People, Things and Data for the Intelligent Enterprise. From this perspective QforIT primarily focuses on the SAP & Mendix solution portfolios.​

About COERA 

Since 2013, when enterprises started the real adoption of cloud technology, COERA’s reputed engineers are building a strong reference in cloud integration in general and identity and access management in particular. Believing that securely managing Identities is one of the core disciplines in nowadays distributed IT landscapes also from the perspective of new business opportunities. COERA is a streetwise IT agency engineering state-of-art online solutions for our customers collaborating with best practice technology partners.   

Visit www.glueing.tech for more information!