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Nowadays many companies are considering moving (part of) their IT landscape from On-Premise to the Cloud. We have completed several successful migration projects. In this Whitepaper we will show you our way of working during such a migration project from On-Premise to the Cloud. 

The Whitepaper provides an in depth look at the different processes involved in successfully migrating from SAP Process Integration to SAP Cloud Platform Integration. It consists of the following phases that we will explore:

Analysis and Estimate Phase: Identifying possible challenges during the migration process.

Build Phase: Migrating integration scenarios to iFlows. 

Test Phase: End-to-end testing of interfaces on SAP CPI.

Go Live Phase: Deploying, configuring and checking the new CPI interfaces.

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Martin Jaspers – 04-06-2018

Our integration package, QforIT Error Alerting for SAP Cloud Platform Integration, has been available for some time in the SAP App Center, https://www.sapappcenter.com/apps/13577#!overview but is now also available as a downloadable package on the discover page in SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

We developed this integration package to automatically monitor your tenant via OData API requests and to have SAP Cloud Platform Integration send email alerts in case of errors/issues (using priorities according to the ITIL priority matrix). You can customize the parameters, priorities, timeframes etc, based on your own requirements.

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Rik Dingemans – 15-05-2018

On the 25th of April Q for IT and SAP hosted the SAP CodeJam about IoT Foundation and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. Several speakers from Q for IT and SAP covered interesting topics about integration and the Internet of Things. A very exciting and fully-packed CodeJam with lots of enthusiasts from all-over the community was the result.

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Martin Jaspers – 17-07-2017

Two weeks ago we joined twenty SAP customers and –partners in the design council workshop for SAP cloud platform integration and API Design. This is an event organized by SAP in which they show future developments, ask for feedback on these developments and listen to customer- and partner experiences with the existing functionality.

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